Assessment of Medical and Health Institutions Registered as Research Centres in Nepal

  • C L Bhusal
  • R K BC
  • B K Jha
  • A Thakur
  • P Thapa
  • A Magar
  • S P Singh


Background: There were several reports in the various mass media regarding misuse of the word “research†by various organization and it has been argued that putting the word “Research†in any agency’s name made easier to get the various medical from abroad without paying or paying minimum or discounted government tax than others. The objectives of the study was to find out the status Medical and Health institutions designated as Research Centresin Nepal.

Methods: A cross sectional prospective study was carried in medical and health institutions of Nepal. Data regarding the registration of institutions/organizations having the word “research†in its name were collected from concerned registered organizations. Formative evaluation method was adopted in which information were added continuously, organized systematically and analysed periodically during the evaluation period.

Results: There were altogether 370 health related research centers registered in MoI and CDO at the district level till 31 December 2010.These research centers were located in 33 districts of Nepal. Among these there were 65 (82%) health facilities and 305 (18%) NGOs designated as research centers. The region wise the range of number of research centers among five regions was 4 to 283. The highest number of research centers level. The highest number of research centers was found in Kathmandu district. Out of 370 research centers, 85 research centers (72 from among health facility related research centers and 13 from among NGO related research centers) were selected randomly for evaluation purpose, which represented 23 percent of sample selection. The sample selection was not less than 20 percent in each category of research centers. One fifth research centers were found to conduct health related research progam. Among which majority (more than 50%) of NGO related research centers was found to conduct health research. There were few (14%) health facility related research centers that actually conducted health related research program.

The study also shows that majority 73 (86%) of the research centers didn’t start the research yet.

Conclusions: Forty percent of the research centers in Nepal didn’t know the actual reason for putting the word “research†into their signboard. A regulation has to be made to safeguard and maintain the integrity of research in Nepal.

Keywords: assessment, health, insitutions, medical registered, research centres, Nepal.

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